Curing Breast Cancer with Movement-Cure

Happy New Year all! Last year, I only posted about my new podcast episodes here, but this year I have decided to publish at least a couple of blogposts from my everyday life as a doctoral researcher.

I have prepared one blogpost about video recordings where I have tried to do the nineteenth-century physical exercises myself, but I should (finally) write a blogpost about my PhD project. My project is called Moving Bodies – Materiality, Senses, and Exercising in Nineteenth-Century England, and I started it in May 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID, I have not been able to travel to the UK for archival visits to gather some of my primary sources, but hopefully this year I will have a safer chance for that.

As a kick-off for this year, I wanted to share a blogpost with you I wrote for another blog. As a result of last Autumn’s writing, re-writing, and editing work (a big thank you for Anne Schult for doing a great editing work!), my essay has been published on the Journal of History of Ideas Blog. The title is A Patient, a Gymnast, and a Little Dog: Curing Breast Cancer with Movement in Nineteenth-Century Britain, and you can read it here!

Mathias Roth: The Prevention and Cure of Many Chronic Diseases By Movements, pages 272–73


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