Here, you can find the list of my published and upcoming publications which will be updated.


BOOK RECENSION. ”Sports pushes the limits of gender”, a recension of the book ”Building Bodies – Transnational Historical Approaches to Sport, Gender and Ethnicities” (Marjet Derks, Eveline Buchheim, Saskia Bultman, Marjan Groot, Marleen Reichgelt, Evelien Walhout & Ingrid de Zwarte, 2019). Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies, Vol. 23 No. 1, 85–89. 2020.

PEER-REVIEWED ARTICLE. Liike on lääke – Keho ja sukupuoli 1800-luvun puolivälin Britannian liikuntakasvatuksessa (Exercise is Medicine – Body, Gender and Physical Education in mid–19th Century Britain). Suomen Lääketieteen Historian Seuran Hippokrates-vuosikirja 2019, 65–98. 2020.

BLOG POST. A Peep into Finnish War History with Gale Primary Sources. The Gale Review, 17 April 2020. Free access:

BLOG POST. ”When is a Woman…?” Exploring Cultural Expectations of Women Advocated in Historical Newspapers. The Gale Review, 13 February 2020. Free access:

BLOG POST. Surprises in the History of Men’s Euro Football. The Gale Review, 15 November 2019. Free access:

Master’s thesis. Sukupuolittunut liikunta ja kehollisuus 1800-luvun puolivälin Britanniassa. Filosofian, historian, kulttuurin ja taiteiden laitos, Helsingin yliopisto, 2019. Free access:

BLOG POST. New Questions, New Objects. Sound Studies Lab, 27 November 2018. Free access:

BLOG POSTExperiencing Soundwalking. Sound Studies Lab, 29 October 2018. Free access:

BLOG POST. Sonic Exercises. Sound Studies Lab, 23 October 2018. Free access:

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