Welcome! Tervetuloa!

Welcome to my personal and professional website, lottavuorio.com! The purpose of this blog post is to shortly introduce myself and the reasons why I launched my website and blog.

I am a PhD student at the University of Helsinki, in the programme of History and Cultural Heritage, and the main purpose for founding my own website was to have a shared digital place for my CV, podcast and more or less informal writing. That place could work both as a business card and a personal archive of my work.

My name is Lotta Vuorio, and as you may notice by browsing through the website, I am Finnish and I will publish content also in my native language. I started my studies in History in autumn 2014, and after graduating in spring 2019, I decided to reach for my dreams and apply for further study rights. At the moment, I am doing my doctoral dissertation, and will be doing it at least from Autumn 2019 to Autumn 2023 (wish me best of luck!).

I actually used to run a personal blog when I was younger, at high school, at the time when the whole blog scene was evolving and developing for something bigger. It was a blog (nowadays hidden, so nice try finding it) that was based on everyday notices on my life and documenting it with plenty of pictures, and it was mainly for my friends. Primarily, I was thrilled with the idea of writing down my thoughts and commemorating them with pictures, and that idea motivated me to start blogging again now.

Even though I call it a personal and professional website, the content of my website and blog will mainly reflect my professional interests as a cultural historian, so I want to remind you, dear reader, that this website does not define me wholly as a person. The adjective ”personal” refers principally to the fact that it is my website, my thoughts, my research, and my content. As I noticed from the previous experience with blogging, it may and probably will occur that the blog content will outdate at some point, so I recommend to consider the blog posts as a historian would – as the products of certain time and place.

I promised to keep it short, so what I want to say is warmly welcome and hopefully we can discuss and virtually connect to each other respectfully and gently! I will try to keep the main language of the website English so that it would be accessible to as many as possible (although you who are not familiar with Finnish might still learn it a little during the way!).

All the best for your day and here we go!


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